Buses, that will transport the ‘Euro 2012’ participating teams, are already in Ukraine

The registration of 10 buses, that are supposed to be involved in the ‘Euro 2012’ participating teams transfer across the territory of Ukraine, was held at the crossing the state border of Ukraine point ‘Tysa’ today.

Busses with the logotypes and in the official ‘Euro-2012’ colors are additionally carrying on their ‘boards’ the flags of the national football team, who will fight for the European Cup. Certainly, except the buses with blue and yellow flags, there also arrived buses of those national teams with which the Ukrainian team will play in one group – Britain, France and Sweden that is the ‘D’ group teams. It should be noted that two buses arrived for the Ukrainian and Britain teams.

The rest of the vehicles that arrived in Ukraine will be at the disposal of the national teams that will play in the group stage, in the group ‘B’, and these are the teams from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Portugal.

The buses, after the passage of all the necessary border and customs procedures, went in the direction of Lviv, and then Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kyiv, where they will be waiting for their passengers – Shveinshtaiger, Ronaldu, Ibragimovich, Lempard, Benzem, Sneider, Agget and their colleagues and, of course, the national team of Ukraine led by two prominent Ukrainian football players – Blokhin and Shevchenko, – informs the Chop Border Guards Squad press service.


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