Bus fare in Uzhgorod will be 5 UAH, the fare for students will be 3 UAH

The fare for transportation of one passenger by city buses shall be 5 hryvnias – this decision was adopted today by members of the Executive Committee of Uzhgorod City Council.

It was also reported that schoolchildren had been transported for free, although, under the legislation, they only could have 25% discount. Recently, the benefits for schoolchildren at the national level have been abolished altogether. Today, the members of the Executive Committee supported the proposal to grant Uzhgorod students a benefit during the school year – from September 1 to June 1. During this period, the fare for schoolchildren with a student ticket will be 3 hryvnias.

The decision comes into force on the day it is published in the "Uzhgorod" newspaper.

Source: Uzhgorod city council

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