Bouts of football fans happened in Uzhgorod. Special unit “Titan” has been called

The match between the teams will take place today, November 30, at Uzhgorod Stadium "Avangard".
At about 13.30 in the center of Uzhgorod an incident happened – a young man was chasing another one down Voloshin street, shouting: "Catch the thief!". 
Near the building of the former "Molocharnya" another bystander detained the fugitive and threw him to the ground. The pursuer – a young man with a scarf of Uzhgorod "Hoverla" – came up to them. 
The latter said that the fugitive had tried to steal his scarf. And that he was not alone, but with four guys who escaped. Uzhgorod fan asked passers-by to call the police.
The policemen arrived in 5 minutes, the fugitive – a guest from Kyiv – was arrested.   
Police officers from the special unit "Titan", who arrived first on the scene, reported that before that they had detained another fan of Kyiv "Dynamo". 
Kyiv fans were also noticed today at around 11.00 in the bus No. 8 – they took the bus on Hrushevsky st. and asked the driver how to get to the stadium. Bus number 8, as you know, passes "Avangard". One of the fans on the phone said "colleagues" to gather near the stadium. 


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