Border guards in Transcarpathia found weapons and drugs (PHOTOS)

Today at the checkpoint "Uzhgorod", servicemen found a foreign-made pistol in a car Mercedes. A 31-year-old Transcarpathian, who was on his way to Slovakia, tried to transport a device for shooting rubber bullets across the border. This was prevented by a sniffer dog that sniffed the weapon during the inspection of the car. The car was taken out of the general queue and an in-depth inspection was carried out. Inside the car, under the driver’s seat, inspectors found a 9 mm ZORAKI – M.906 TD pistol and three rounds of ammunition. The pistol and ammunition were seized in the prescribed manner.

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Also, at the checkpoint "Tisa" in a Czech-registered car Lanča, border guards together with customs officers found a gray and green substance of plant origin. A Czech citizen on his way out of Ukraine tried to transport about 2 grams of cannabis. 


Both facts were reported to the National Police. 

Press service of the Chop border guard detachment

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