Border guards caught four “divers”

Yesterday, Mukachevo border guards in cooperation with Romanian police officers prevented two attempts of smuggling. 

Border guard patrol of the department "Tyachiv" received from the Romanian colleagues the information about unknown people heading to the border. During the joint search activities, officers of the State Border Guard Service detained near the Tisa river two citizens of Ukraine wearing diving suits. As it turned out later, the perpetrators were transporting to the Romanian side 4 packages of cigarettes.

Another two people, who were wearing diving suits and, most likely, were going to transport goods to Romania, were detained by border guards of the department "Velyky Bychkiv" when patrolling the river area. To stop the violators, the border guards had to make a warning shot. Ukrainian border guards immediately notified their Romanian colleagues about the possible smuggling activity. Administrative documents were drawn up against the detainees.

                                                                   Press service of Mukachevo border guard detachment

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