Attention, drivers! Today, fog is expected in the region

On February 19, in the evening, and on February 20, at night and in the morning, in the lowlands and foothills of Transcarpathian region and in the city of Uzhgorod, fog with visibility of 50-500 m is expected.

To avoid the tragedy, it is worth remembering that in conditions of limited visibility neither driving experience, no car brand matters. The main thing here is the driver’s responsibility, self-control and carefulness.

If the fog fell on roads, cancel the trip or postpone it indefinitely until the mist dissipates. When the trip is very important and you absolutely must go, follow a number of simple rules. Specifically, while warming up a car, turn on the windshield wipers – dirty windshield often adds up to the illusion of dense fog. Also, avoid fogging on windows. If it happens, turn on the heating and ventilation of the cabin.

During the trip, switch on the fog lights or, in their absence, low-beam headlamps (but by no means high-beam headlamps). Decrease the speed when in the fog – it should not exceed half the distance of visibility (eg, at visibility of 20 meters, speed must be no more than 10 km / h.). If the visibility is less than two meters, stop the car on the roadside and turn the emergency light alarm on.

When driving in foggy weather, keep a safe distance from other road users. Also forget about maneuvering, overtaking, passing. When there is an urgent need for such a maneuver, warn about your intentions in advance – by headlights or sound.

Driving in the fog quickly exhaust. At the first sign of fatigue, stop the car, close your eyes and rest. Continue driving only after good rest.

Pedestrians walking on the edge of the carriageway should wear clothes with reflective elements. Otherwise, drivers simply will not see them, which could lead to tragedy.

Source: State Emergenices Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region.

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