Astrologers advised Ukrainians to celebrate the New Year at the pool

It is necessary to put on the festive table the symbol of the coming year – a snake statue. Men are recommended to wear a tie with a pattern that mimics a snake skin. Women are advised to wear a dress of shiny fabrics.

Astrologers recommend to meet 2013 in a close family circle. Ideally, in a private house with a pool or pond in the garden. For most snakes are waterfowl.

As the newspaper "Sehodnya" writes, on the table there must be the symbol of the coming year – a snake statue. In addition, it can be symbolized with electric lights, hanging around the apartment, and strips, decorating the Christmas tree.

The decor is advised to be in dark blue, green, golden and silver colors.

As for the dress, it’s would be good for a man to wear, for example, a shirt with small geometric pattern that will imitate snake skin. For women, the ideal option is a dark sheath of shimmering fabric.


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