Are hryvnia loans really that attractive? Opinion

Director of Credit Agricole Retail Development Department Tatyana Shapoval, at the request of UBR, talks about the benefits and risks of hryvnia loans.

The general expectation of high national currency devaluation provokes Ukrainians to actively think about the possibility of refinancing their hryvnia loans. However, the benefits will be seen only if the depreciation value reaches U.S. $ 1 to 9.4-10 Ukrainian hryvnia. Tatyana Shapoval strongly doubts in such a scenario.

Specialist insists that it would be reasonable to converse UAH loans only if the difference between the interest rates does not exceed 2 percent.

At the same time Shapoval argues that the rate will be floating. On the other hand, explains the expert, it is reviewable only once per year, and therefore has no "danger" in itself.

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