“Appointing Prodan to replace Nasirov is to bargain one trouble for another” – Moskal

As you know, the head of the SFS Roman Nasirov was notified of being suspected of an indictable offense. Hennadiy Moskal commented on this incident and possible new appointment of Prodan.

  – The government could have found a better candidate for the acting head of the State Fiscal Service until permanent apointment – Hennadiy Moskal said. – The SFS must be managed by a person who cares about the state budget, and not his or her own pockets. Because what happens in this service now is a disgrace for Ukraine. I am telling this as the head of Transcarpathian region, which borders with four EU countries and has 18 international checkpoints.      
  What Ukrainian customs officials are doing at checkpoints is not Europe, it’s Africa in Middle Ages. So, it is high time to deal with the SFS. But I’ll put it bluntly: replacing Nasirov with Prodan (albeit temporarily) will do nothing, it’s like bargaining one trouble for another!

Photo by the Censor. NET

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