Anti-fascist “gathering” in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

Today in Uzhgorod, local Party of Regions members held an anti-fascist rally in the city center. The demonstration was part of nationwide four-day meeting, the main one of which, in Kyiv, will be held May 18. This campaign was announced under the slogan: "To Europe without the Nazis." Recall that on this day the opposition planned a final demonstration within the "Arise, Ukraine!" campaign, so a clash of political forces is possible.

Despite the fact that public employees were ordered to come to the rally in Uzhgorod, the MC boldly declared that the meeting was initiated by residents themselves and thanked veterans, youth organizations and "simple Uzhgorod citizens" for coming. The "activists" themselves, who were forced to stand under the rain, judging from their facial expressions did not share the host’s excitement.

At the meeting they talked about the threat of fascism, which is rising in Ukraine again, and promised to prevent its resurgence. However, they never mentioned who exactly those fascists were. So the face of "the enemy" was very blurry.

Soon, the farce called "anti-fascist rally" was over.


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