Another new bus route – “No. 38” – has been launched in Uzhgorod

The mayor of Uzhgorod Bohdan Andriyiv wrote about the launch of the new bus route on his Facebook page.
Taking into account the results of visual inspection of the buses on city routes, the unsatisfactory condition of some of the minibuses, I ordered to use the reserve rolling stock of the utility company (2 buses) for transportation of passengers and to open a new route.
Due to the fact that many passengers are waiting for buses at the stop "Chornovil st." in the direction of Sandor Petofi Square, Koryatovych Square, City Hospital, City Clinic, UzhNU, the beginning of the route is planned to be there. The route No. 38 "Vyacheslav Chornovil st. – UzhNU" via Sandor Petofi Square, Koryatovych Square will be opened after completion of all necessary procedures, approximately in 2.5 months. The corresponding draft decision of the executive committee has already been posted on the official site of the city council.

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