Ancient Japanese rituals were recreated in the regional library (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, the thematic lecture "Japan: the World of the Samurai" about ancient Japanese rituals took place in the main library of the region. The lecture was organized in the framework the Year of Japan in Ukraine.

The lecture was delivered by Oleksandr Naboka, PhD, assistant professor of World History and International Relations of Luhansk National University, author of several popular science projects on the history of Japan and China.

  Oleksandr Naboka’s charisma and the relaxed way of presentation ensured a good mood and nice atmosphere of the evening.

During the event, the attendees learned about the specifics of religion in Japan, formation of the Japanese identity, Japanese people’s attitude to death. They heard the myth of Amaterasu – the goddess that gave rise to the dynasty of Japanese rulers. In addition, Oleksandr Nabokov pointed out historical parallels between Japan and Ukraine.

  A separate block of the lecture was devoted to samurais – unique warriors who appeared in the tenth century and practiced the philosophy of war. Visitors learned about the features of samurai swords called katana. Also they heard about the samurai code of honor "Bushi-Do."

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Oleksandr together with a librarian Yevhenia Napuda recreated the ancient Japanese ritual of sepukku and harakiri.

Another event to introduce visitors to the culture of Japan will be held in the Regional Library soon.

Yevhenia Napuda,

Head of the service department

of Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library named after F.Potushnyak

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