An economic experiment is to be made in Transcarpathia

 On January 21, at 10.00, at the plant "Eurocar" (the village of Solomonovo, Uzhgorod district), there will be the first in the region Forum of Initiatives, which will bring together about 60 leaders of the most powerful enterprises of Transcarpathia. The Forum consolidate representatives of the business, expert and public communities, heads of executive authorities, experts and leaders of business associations, media. 


The Forum of Initiatives will be held under the theme "Transcarpathian economic experiment." Transcarpathia has the potential to become the most comfortable region for doing business in Ukraine, and to transform from the outsider in the economic rankings to the leader in economic growth in the near future – the initiators of the event say. 

Is the "Transcarpathian economic miracle" possible? Which strategy of economic growth does the region need?  Which model of interaction between business and government may be the most effective?  These and other questions will be addressed at the Forum of Initiatives.

   The key statements of Hennadiy Moskal, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration on new approaches in the economic development of Transcarpathia are expected to be made at the Forum.

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