Agnessa Bachinska-Maroshan: “There are no chance events in life!”

As we already announced, a special concert will take place on the International Day of Music in the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic.

And its unique feature is not only in an interesting program. It’s all about the hero of this evening, or rather, the heroine – the flute. As it turned out, such a concert solo is a real rarity. Flute player Agnessa Bachinska-Maroshan told us more about that.

The flute as a solo instrument open many possibilities. It is mostly the repertoire of classical composers. The flute is not usually a solo instrument of pop or brass bands. Therefore, finding a repertoire is an extremely serious matter. Since my repertoire mostly consists of classical works, I wanted to try myself as a soloist in other musical genres. The idea was supported by the director of the pop and brass band Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Spivak. We have come up with an interesting repertoire, the program will cover both works of classics, and jazz, Latin-American and pop music.

Agnessa herself decided on the choice of the profession when she was a child. First, she studied at the musical studio at the Uzhgorod State Music College. Then, at the P. Tchaikovsky musical school, musical college, and Lviv National Musical Academy named after M. Lysenko.

Agnessa’s main concert will take place on October 1 – the International Day of Music.

In my opinion, there are no chance events in life))) It’s not the first time the pop and brass orchestra gives a concert on the day of music. This time, I have the opportunity to congratulate colleagues as a soloist of my dear orchestra. So I hope the thing I am doing with the orchestra will bring pleasure not only to us but also to all listeners!

So, let’s remind: the concert will take place on October 1 at 5 pm in the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic.

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