A record will be set at the “Varosh palachinta” in Mukachevo

On 25-26 February, the second "Varosh palachinta" will be held in Mukachevo. It is a festival and fair dedicated to the beginning of spring. The participants will be making palachintas (pancakes) with different toppings and sauces.
Also guests at the festival will be treated with honey, cheese and wine.  There will be performances of amateur bands, contests, quizzes, relays with pans and pancake baking marathon.
Also, the festival will feature homemade Transcarpathian pastries, local pastry products. 

They also plan to set a record: the biggest pancake in Transcarpathia – a record for the Book of Records of Transcarpathia.

The pancake design will be made of nearly 1,000 pancakes with Transcarpathian honey. After the registration of the record, the festival guests will be able to taste this wonder.

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