1,000 Transcarpathians have been penalized for smoking in public places

Since December 16, smoking in public places is prohibited in Ukraine. These include bars, cafes and restaurants, cultural, science and health facilities, building entrances, elevators, payphones, underpasses, etc. Smoking is prohibited near schools, playgrounds, stadiums, etc. Streets are not included in this list, so you can smoke there …

According to the head of the Public Security Department of the Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs, police colonel Vasyl Kopcha, as of now the police has already written about a thousand administrative protocols under Art.175 of the CAO (smoking in the wrong place). However, police officers do not impose fines. They send such administrative protocols to local authorities (municipalities, village councils, etc.), where the relevant administrative committees to review these protocols have been formed.  


The police, tax service and employees of consumer rights protection service ensure the compliance with the legislation on the ban of smoking in public places. There are also corresponding penalties. While for smokers they are still small (warning, a fine of 17 to 85 UAH for the first violation, and 85 to 119 UAH for repeated violation), for commercial establishments, where they catch a smoker, it’s much more serious. The owner of a house may be fined1,000 to 10,000 UAH even for an ashtray on the table … In commercial establishments, a special space for smoking should be provided (usually a terrace on the street), which takes up to 10% of the bar, cafe or restaurant area.

Raids to reveal smoking in public places in the region will continue.

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