Margarita Moschak: only persistent and patient achieve success in business!

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Margarita Moschak: only persistent and patient achieve success in business!

Strong-willed, powerful, decisive, courageous. These characteristics, inherent rather to a man, nevertheless describe the woman. Despite these manly traits, Margaryta Moshchak is the expression of femininity, but only to the point where the work and business begins. Here all the levers, required to be a business person, get engaged. The head of the regional branch of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and successful businesswoman does not lack businesslike character. Perhaps it is the ability to organize time, business intuition, tremendous communication skills that make her a successful woman, practically, in all areas, she works in - to the joy, the envy, the desire to follow of the others! On the eve of the Entrepreneur Day - the professional holiday - talks with Margaryta Mykolaivna, hoping to find the recipe for success in the domestic business.

- Margaryta!So where do they teach to be a business woman?

- (Smiling) Unfortunately, nowhere! I, for example, genuinely wanted to teach children. However, when I understood in the 90's, that work in the school does not provide for elementary living, I had to leave teaching.

- And right after that - into business?

- Well, yes. But the beginning was usual. I believe that the first steps of entrepreneurship (not because of a good life, of course) were trips abroad, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary ... I also took this "school", then leased the first coffee shop. And so it began ...

- So you started with "wild" business? By the way, can it be said that now our business environment is civilized?

- Let's start with the first question. Yes, we all had to face protection racket, extortion, harassment on the earliest stages of the business environment. But it won't be fair to say that we jumped into civilization right out of the jungle. Let's say that we are at the halfway point. And this is good! It's sad though that the positive changes come very slowly and we are losing time and people.


   Only after the losses became apparent, changes were made.       



- Is the Union, the branch of which you're heading in Transcarpathia, created to protect these entrepreneurs? Is this a trade union?

- (Thinks) To some extent. However, we help not with money, but rather, with advice and explanations. For now, especially in the beginning, entrepreneurs make a few mistakes. For example, they spend lots of money on creating a fantastic interior in the premises instead of purchasing necessary software, learning the intricacies of tax law. And our people just do not know it. Many entrepreneurs in the villages are working practically illegally, paying fees to local village head. Our department has the lawyer who provides the necessary consultations, in short, I believe that it is necessary to overcome illiteracy and lawlessness in business! And we try to do it.

- In one of the meetings, which dealt with the relationship with the law enforcement, you spoke critically about this issue. Has the situation changed? Have people in uniform stopped to control business tightly?

- Let's say this: the situation is changing. At least with Eurocar, which then was dealt with specifically, it happened. If the issue is not raised, then it won't be solved!

- You have been affected by a relationship with law enforcement personally. At a press conference, the head of the regional administration of MIA said that the arson that destroyed your property was just a settlement of personal scores. Do you already know the names of your enemies?

- Of course I know! And I don't think I'm the only one. Now the investigation is going on and I believe that the police is doing everything necessary. But, fortunately, we are talking singular as I have only one enemy. Of course, this situation is unpleasant, but the property is insured, so I don't advise to repeat such "experiments" with me! I take this opportunity to emphasize to entrepreneurs: ensure the safety and protection of your property, as it is your responsibility!

- What is required for business to be successful?

- Well, there are probably many components. Hotel and restaurant business is doomed to success, especially in Transcarpathia. Again, for several reasons. I came here when I was 14 years old and was amazed by the culture of consumption: coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, even in the capital people at that time did not see anything like that. So, we have a historical reason. Next is the geographical one, which gives a strong advantage. Not to mention entrepreneurial spirit, which is in the blood of Transcarpathians. Therefore, for successful business one should support these already existing keystones. And most importantly, if people just do not have means to use the services offered, no entrepreneurial spirit will help!

- And as we are talking on the eve of your professional holiday, a not very original question: some tips for beginners ...

- Firstly, persistence! Do not rush from side to side, stick to the chosen path. Incidentally, this is also the basic advice of any training, since a change of the method does not work. Even a negative experience is an experience, despite setbacks continue to go on. And a very important quality that derives from the first one is patience! You choose the difficult path, where you will face a lot of failures. Some problems you can solve by yourselves, others will require help. Be patient and stubbornly go ahead. Only persistent and patient deserve and achieve success!

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Приятно иметь друга - успешного предпринимателя, мудрую женщину и самую красивую маму в мире!!! Новых тебе, Маргарита Николаевна, успехов в бизнесе и жизни!!!

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Приятно иметь друга - успешного предпринимателя, мудрую женщину и самую красивую маму в мире!!! Новых тебе, Маргарита Николаевна, успехов в бизнесе и жизни!!!

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