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September 13, brave souls have a chance to see the radar


On September 13, Transcarpathian Open Hikes organizers invite to a trip to the highest peak of the Borzhava – Mount Stiy.

This information with a link to the event page has appeared on the page of the Tourinform Transcarpathia in Facebook. Currently, there are no details of the trip.

Note: all-knowing Wikipedia says that the height of the Mount Stiy is 1681 meters above sea level. Its western slopes are steep, the bottom part is covered with beech woods. Southern and eastern slopes are more gentle. On the western slopes, the reserve of national importance Rosishny is situated. On the northern slopes, there is a pothole of glacial origin.

During the Soviet Union period, a military radar was located on the top. Later, the radar was dismantled.

Svalyava district: 2 people died, another 8 were injured in a road accident


Today, August 31, at 13:24, the rescue service of Transcarpathian region was reported that an accident had happened on the Kyiv-Chop highway near the village of Hankovytsya in Svalyava district. According to preliminary information, two minibuses Mercedes-Benz Sprinter collided. As a result of the accident, 2 people died, 8 were injured.

Volunteers offer alternative patriotic bouquets (PHOTOS)


On the 1st of September, 2014, at the difficult time for the country, parents, teachers and even children want to express their support for the Mortherland and those who protect it. The easiest way is a bouquet for a teacher in yellow and blue colors. A more effective one is to transfer the money, planned for these flowers, for the needs of the army.

Volunteers in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo offer yellow and blue cap badges and bows for girls. Teachers are asked at the first lesson to have children write and draw messages for Transcarpathian participants of the ATO.

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In Uzhgorod, they invite to school already today


The topic of today’s, August 31, Open tour became known at the last hour. As should be expected, the organizers will lead tourists to the educational Uzhgorod.

This is reported at the Open tours page in Facebook. The place and time of meeting are the same: Teatralna Square, 14.00.

“We do not sell occupier’s products!” – new patriotic campaign in Uzhgorod (illustrations)


Already on the first day of autumn, meaningful and, most importantly, patriotic stickers will appear on the door of the “most conscientious” Uzhgorod facilities – shops, restaurants and cafes. Actually, they have already begun to decorate them. The sticker contains a simple and important information: here, they do not sell occupier’s products, that is, anything made in Russia.

The campaign is the idea of an entrepreneur, the head of the public organization “Business Forum of Transcarpathia” Margarita Moshchak. She believes that at the time when hostile aggression and, in fact, an undeclared war with Russia continues, it is more than inappropriate to “sponsor” the occupier.

Create a mood for yourself (PHOTOS)


Since 11.00, volunteers, who help Transcarpathian soldiers, have been working on the embankment near the 1st school.

Here you can buy nice gifts, and most importantly – have a patriotic picture taken to help our defenders.

Do not waste time, the last day of summer and good weather!

Amber-light city… (PHOTOS)


Despite the fact that the competition “City accents” is over, people continue sending their pictures.

Another author’s series of city portraits from Olga Tymofeyeva was published out of the competition by the initiator of the contest Oleksandr Hereshko on his page in Facebook. Mrs. Olga complemented her dreamy vision of the hometown with poetic lines, the metaphor of which is used in the title of this piece.

We remind that the presentation of the best works received for the competition will be held today in Uzhgorod.

Women are soldiers, dolls are weapons (PHOTOS)


Whole community united to help Transcarpathian soldiers, regardless of political bias, age or gender.

For example, the organization “Women Sich” named after Maria Khymynets, which is a co-organizer of the charity festival “ZaSich”, held a series of workshops on ragdoll making. And on August 29, the event was also attended by adults. Needless to remind you that the dolls will be sold to raise funds to support our defenders.