7 Easy Memory Techniques for Exam Preparation

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Exam preparation is an important time for every student world-wide. As important as it seems, it is equally tension-creating and depressing. Many students cannot take this pressure, and end up suffering from mental conditions.

 Often students complain of the fact that whatever they memorize at home, they are unable to write it down or they write something wrong in the exam hall. Pre-exam nightmares, insomnia, and even suicides are some of the common problems faced by students during exam preparation.

 Also, many students find themselves contemplating how to improve memory. Many students find it difficult to memorize written material and prefer other methods of study like YouTube videos or using the internet instead of books. But a crucial point is that students still have to develop the ability of memorizing important data before the exam night. So let us dig right into the 7 easy memory techniques.

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Memory Techniques

Following are some techniques that will help you memorize better in shorter time. It is important to keep in mind that there are no shortcuts and it is essential to take the right and longer route.

Exams are not meant to make students afraid but to know whether the curriculum is being taught well or not. Apart from students, teachers and the school board are also scrutinized based on the results.

In some Asian countries, the way exams are projected is quite threatening because it becomes life and death situation instead of learning. You do not need to take stress anymore because we have go for you the right solutions:

1.   Do not study one day before the exam

We implore all students to not attempt to study everything at one night before exam. It will not be helpful because of mental stress along with having too much material to study. When you do not see the end of the topic, your brain gets even more stressed out. The reason is that after you cannot see the result. When you have time to rest your brain, it is easy to memorize.

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2. Use visual study material

The human brain processes images and videos much faster than text—about 60,000 times faster. This faster processing makes things much faster for the brain to remember and recall at the exam hall. As per Sherlock, this helps to place in mind the method of loci.

That is why it is recommended to use books that has figures and colorful pictures. Also, using study material that explains using colorful and graphic videos are much better. Additionally, writing down the things like dates, names, and other smaller details (that are difficult to remember) is a good way to create long-term memory.

3. Use Mnemonics

You may try to use special mnemonics for memorizing difficult and long sentences. Or something that has to be learnt in an order. Often the first letter of the words are used to create commonly used phrase. You can think up some funny phrases. You can look up some good suggestions at https://samedaypapers.com paper writing site. Humor also creates long-term memories. It might not work for everyone but it is not a bad idea to try.

4. Understand the context

Simply memorizing the terms is not enough, especially in fields like medicine, engineering or law. There is a need to understand the reason. This will help you memorize it easier. Not only will this help you memorize material for the exam, but ensures that the information stays in your brain and will be helpful in real life.

5. Rhyme it

Many professionals say that it is easier to use rhyming words while memorizing. This creates a sense of rhythm. You’ve probably noticed that you can remember even very long songs easily, but short texts are more difficult to remember. If you can associate the text with music and bring rhythm, it will be much easier for you to learn it.

6. Stay organized and follow schedule

To be able to learn more in less time, you need to keep your surroundings clean and organized. Organization and scheduling lets you stay on time for exam preparation. It helps if you study and take breaks. This is a healthier way to study for exam.

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7.  Practical examples

It is a good idea to associate your study topic or terms with practical examples. When you think about “inertia” as something you feel when a bus stops, everything will become much simpler.

 However, you should remember that exams are a crucial aspect in every student’s life but you should know that it is not the end of life. There is always a second chance to improve yourself. There is no point in getting stressed out for exam and not studying well. It is important to study right and be confident at your exam. You can just use the above memory techniques for studying and to make your life easier.

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