“Zakarpattyaoblenergo” vs “Vodokanal Uzhgorod” – once again demanding repayment

The "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" PJSC apealed to the MU "Vodokanal m. Uzhgoroda" with the request to repay debts for electricity

On October 6, the "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" PJSC sent a letter to the MU "Vodokanal Uzhgorod" with a request to repay the debt for consumed energy or to reduce consumption to the level of payments, since debt accumulation poses a significant threat to the energy system of Transcarpathian region.

A copy of the request was sent to Uzhgorod city council. 

As stated in the letter, there is a tendency to accumulation of debts by the MU "Vodokanal Uzhgorod" to the supplier for electricity. In this regard, the "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" PJSC demands to pay for electricity by October 19 or to reduce current electricity consumption by the MU "Vodokanal Uzhgorod" to the level of actual payment for electricity consumed (under Part 9 of Art. 26 of the Law "On Electric Power Industry").

In case of failure to fulfill of this requirements within the specified period, the "Zakarpattyaoblenergo" PJSC will be forced to completely stop the supply of electric energy to the facilities of the MU "Vodokanal Uzhgorod".

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