“Zakarpathaz” is investigating the cause of gas explosion in Uzhgorod

As uzhgorod.in previously reported, December 13, at 17.16 there was a gas explosion in the apartment 93 in the building number 33 on  Hrushevsky street in the regional center.
According to acting head of gas supply systems operation department of "Zakarpathaz" PJSC Taras Stehura, the fire was eliminated by the officers of the Uzhgorod unit of TD of MOE in Transcarpathian region and emergency dispatch service of "Zakarpathaz" PJSC. Currently 20 apartments and two utility objects in the building are disconnected from the gas supply. 
Fortunately there were no casualties
According to the preliminary information, the likely cause of the fire is unwarranted intervention in the counter, which led to the depressurization of the gas distribution system in the building – reported "Zakarpathaz" PJSC.
Detailed circumstances and final cuase of the incident are being investigated by the special commission, and to be confirmed.

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