Yuriy Izdryk and Irina Tsilyk will come to Uzhgorod (Announcement)

Yuriy Izdryk and Irina pillars will visit 25 cities of Ukraine, including Uzhhorod (May 11).

On April 21, the nationwide tour in support of new books by writer Yuriy Izdryk and Yevhenia Nesterovich "Summa" and the poetry collection by Irina Tsilyk "Depth of Focus" will start with the presentation-discussion at the "Book Arsenal" in Kyiv. The authors will be accompanied by the President of the International literary Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ Svyatoslav Pomerantsev.

The event will be held within the project "Network", organized by the International Literature Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ. The project is supported by the International Fund "Renaissance".

During April-June, Yuriy Izdryk and Irina Tsilyk will visit 25 cities. In each of them, two events will be held – a press conference for journalists and presentation-discussion.

Schedule of presentations:

21.04.-22.04. – Kyiv

25.04. – Kharkiv

26.04. – Severodonetsk

7.05.-8.05. – Ternopil

11.05. – Uzhgorod

13.05. – Lviv

16.05. – Lutsk

17.05. – Rivne

18.05. – Ostrog

18.05. – Khmelnytsky

19.05. – Vinnytsia

20.05. – Zhytomyr

21.05.-22.05. – Kyiv

23.05. – Cherkasy

24.05. – Kirovograd

25.05. – Poltava

26.05. – Dnipropetrovsk

27.05. – Zaporizhzhia

30.05. – Ivano-Frankivsk

31.05. – Kolomyia

01.06. – Chernivtsi

07.06. – Mariupol

09.06. – Kherson

10.06. – Mykolayiv

11.-12.06. – Odessa




"Network" is a project aimed at establishing internal social dialogue in Ukraine in conditions of armed conflict in the east. Given the complex social processes in the country, the project is very needed. It covers the whole territory of our country and includes literary discussion groups in 30 cities that serve as an example of dialogue between completely different people. Literature, especially quality one, is a bridge, intersection point for people of east and west, north and south of Ukraine. This is an opportunity not only to share their opinions, but also to understand others.

The meeting place in Uzhgorod will be announced later

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