You can’t hide from fate: a Transcarpathian, who had been saved from the fire two years ago, could not escape death again

 February 23, at 02.24, the rescuers received the call about the fire in the village of Strychava in Velyky Berezny district.

The officers of the state fire and rescue station number two in Velyky Berezny immediately arrived at the scene.

As it turned out, the day before a 47-year-old owner of the house with his son and his friend had come to rest in the mountains for the weekend. At night, the son and the friend were woken up by a strong smell of smoke and saw that the room, in which the father was sleeping, is completely covered in flames. The boys had no chance to save him.

By the way, two years ago, this house had already been in fire. Then, the owner managed to save his life.

The fire damaged the roof and ceiling of the house and household objects. Direct loss amounts to 60,000 UAH. The cause of the fire is being established.  


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