Yesterday, there was an earthquake in Transcarpathia

It was recorded by the seismological station "Uzhgorod" on November 26. As the head of the station Svitlana Plishko told us, the earthquake, fortunately, was hardly noticeable – only 2.4 on the Richter scale. And it was recorded at the distance of 83 km from Uzhgorod. Now, workers of the seismological station are trying to locate the epicenter of the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the earthquake measuring 5.3 points, that occurred on November 22 in Romania near the Mount Vrancea and the seismic wave from which reached Ukraine (Kyiv, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv), bypassed Transcarpathia. Svitlana Plishko assures that no data were recorded, no messages were received.

She added that, according to long-term observations of Transcarpathian seismologists, our region has "immunity" against Vrancea earthquakes. "The thing is that the Vrancea mountain in Romania has particular bends and when an earthquake occurs, seismic waves go mainly to the south east – to Chisinau (Moldova), Odesa, etc.

If a wave even moves towards us, kinks in our mountains "dampen" it right away, – the expert says. 

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