Yesterday, Ledyda’s Deputy was asked for a diploma, money and bus

On Friday, March 29, the deputy head of the regional administration, Mykhailo Popovich talked with Transcarpathians during the "Ask the government" hotline.

The first call came from Vynogradiv district. Ms. Maria complained: residents of the village of Drotyntsi have difficulties in getting to the district center, since there is no direct bus route from the village to Vynogradiv. Mykhailo Popovich promised to discuss this issue with the regional administration of industry and infrastructure.

Ms. Hanna from Svalyava appealed to the regional officer with a request to give an answer on the possibility of rewarding a local cultural activist. According to her, the relevant submission to the Regional Department of Culture has been made. The regional official said that the applicant would soon be given full answer on this issue.

A resident of the village of Horinchevo in Khust district Ms. Sophia appealed with a request for financial assistance. The fire destroyed part of her home. So now 73-year-old woman needs funds to restore the house.

Also on this day, appeals from Transcarpathians concerned the assistance in medical treatment, discharge of material assistance, resolving land conflicts and benefits in public transportation. All citizens’ appeals will be kept under control of specialized departments of the regional state administration.

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