Yesterday, in Transcarpathian region, faulty stove heating caused fire in two private households

The Rescue Service of Transcarpathia received a report of a fire in the annexe to a residential house on Persykova street in Vynogradiv. The owner of the house noticed the fire in the room and called firefighters.

The duty crew of the 6th State Fire and Rescue Unit, that arrived at the scene, completely eliminated the fire. The fire destroyed 12 square meters of the annexe roof, appliances, two windows and some household items. The damages are estimated at 10,000 UAH.

In addition, a similar fire occurred in the village of Dorobratovo in Irshava district. On Shkilna street, the fire covered a wooden annexe to the house. The mansion owners, who were in the house, noticed flashing lights in the room, went outside and saw the pillar of flame. Wasting no time, they reported the event to the Rescue Service.

First, one crew of the 5th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the city of Irshava arrived to the village of Dorobratovo to eliminate the fire. Having assessed the extent of the fire, the firefighters called reinforcement – another fire truck of the 5th State Fire and Rescue Unit and a crew of the 19th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the city of Mukachevo. Together they managed to repel the flames from the house.  The losses caused by the fire are estimated at 50,000 UAH, as the fire destroyed the roof and the ceiling on the area of ​​100 square meters and some household items.

In both cases, the likely cause of the fire was violation of safety rules when using stove heating. In this regard, the Office of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region once again calls on citizens to be careful and cautious. 


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