Yesterday, in Transcarpathia, a man tried to smuggle cigarettes by a tractor (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, in the evening, border guards of the Mukachevo detachment prevented an attempt to illegally transport a large batch of tobacco products to Hungary.

The border patrol of the mobile border station "Mukachevo", while patroling the area near the village of Velyka Palad noticed a tractor with a trailer moving toward the border. When they attempted to check this vehicle, the tractor driver quickly turned around and drove away.

The servicemen began chasing the tractor and made several warning shots in the area. However, the driver continued to drive at high speed. During the pursuit, the trailer rolled over into a ditch. The driver detached it, and escaped. Border guards found 36 boxes of cigarettes in the trailer and around it.

The boxes, which contained more than 18 thousand packs of cigarettes of different brands, were taken to the department of the Border Guard Service "Velyka Palad". Subsequently, the tobacco products will be handed over to the SFS employees. The search for the fugitive is now underway.


                                                                   Press service of Mukachevo border guard detachment

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