Yanukovych admitted his mistake. The liquidated department of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration will be restored

The merger of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports, according to the president of Ukraine, was a mistake.

"Now I am saying it publicly that I see a big drawback, it was a mistake when we united the Ministry of Sports with the Ministry of Education. Yanukovych said that during the "Dialogue with the Country," reported IA "Naholos."

"I am taking the decision now, and I am saying about it for the first time, to separate sports and youth from education. We will restore those departments in regions – Viktor Yanukovych said. – When I asked about the approach, after the reorganization had been completed, it was not the reorganization but the elimination of those structures that were dealing with the development of physical education and sport."

"Sport and exercise are slightly different things. The vast majority of the population do exercises, but only talented young people and some adults are engaged in sports. Sports needs to be cherished and only professionals can deal with this issue" – the president said.

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