Yanosh Ader became the President of Hungary

Yanosh Ader the former head of the Hungarian Parliament, Member of European Paliament was elected as President of Hungary by the Hungarian National Assembly (Parliament).

According to the UKRINFORM, 262 of 386 deputies of parliament voted in favor of Yanosh Ader the candidate to the presidency from the Hungarian Civic Union (Fides) ruling coalition and the Christian Democratic Public Party (Fides-CDPP).

‘According to the Article 10 of the Constitution of Hungary, Yanosh Ader is elected as the President of Hungary,’ – said the head of the Parliament Shandor Lezhak after the secret ballot.

Yanosh Ader took the oath of the Hungarian President.

Presenting his candidacy to the parliament before the vote Lezhak said: ‘In front of you the man who experienced the hard world of labor, who knows what means the struggle for a better life on one’s own, who is well aware of jurisprudence wisdom and always chooses the direct path in the cobwebs of political life’.

The president is elected by the constitutional majority of the parliament which in the current legislature has the ruling coalition.

Elections are held in the regard to Pal Shmit resignation on April 2, who was forced to resign from the president post after plagiarism scandal of doctoral dissertation.

Yanosh Ader was born 1959, lawyer, father of four children. He was the deputy of the Hungarian Parliament in 1990-2009, and later on the various leadership positions in the Fides party, in the 1998-2002 he was the head of the Hungarian Parliament and the Member of European Parliament since 2009.

Yanosh Ader is elected as president for a period of 5 years and will take the responsibilities of the head of the state on May 10. According to the Constitution of Hungary, until that time the President functions will perform Laslo Kever, the head of the Hungarian parliament. 

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