Works are ongoing at Uzhgorod swimming pool ‘Spartak’ (PHOTOS) monitors the current situation around the swimming pool ‘Spartak’. It is already known, from the previous publications that active works are carried out on the territory of the ‘Pid Zamkom’ park near the ‘Spartacus’ bowl basin: trees were logged, the territory was cleared, dig up holes. 

However, the part of Uzhgorod dwellers still does not believe that the former Uzhgorod Mayor exactly on this territory builds either water-park or a large swimming pool. They say that it is the old trees cleaning conducted there, for permission of which the territory owner asked at the current government.

However, we want to remind you that the permission was requested only for the adjacent to the roadway tress coronation from the City Council rather than the huge territory cleaning from the former swimming pool up to the river. Currently they are extracting hemps, and someone say that they are digging trenches. There is no reliable information on what is really happening in this recreation area. You can see more on the photos. 


The regional eco-inspection experts are precisely studying the tress cutting down legality, as it was informed to So, to be continued! 

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