Working hours of the checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Slovak border

The work schedule of the checkpoints on the border of Ukraine and Slovakia was released yesterday:

The checkpoint "Velke Slemence – Mali Selmentsi" (pedestrian and bicycle) (opened from 09:00 to 21:00 Kyiv time) will be temporarily closed at 21:00 on March 16;

The checkpoint "Maly Berezny – Ubl’a" (vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle) will be temporarily closed for pedestrian traffic on the night from 15.03.2020 to 16.03.2020, at 00:00;
Initially, it was decided that from 00:00 March 17, 2020, the checkpoints "Vysne Nemecke-Uzhgorod" and "Maly Berezny – Ubl’a" would remain open for vehicles only. But by agreement with the Slovak party, the crossing point Vysne Nemecke-Uzhgorod will also be open for pedestrians from 08:00 March 17 to 18:00 March 22.

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