Workers earning their living abroad enrich Ukraine for 10 billion euros annually

Up to 25-40% of the population capable of working finds job in other countries – these are the figures are valid for the western regions of Ukraine, which are providing migrant workers on the most mass scale.

Villagers constitute the majority of these workers, while residents of large western cities such as Uzhgorod and are involved in labor migration in much smaller extent wrote "Ukrainian Week".

At the state level, the number of working-capable population that decided to work abroad reaches only up to 1.4-1.8 million people that, for example, exceeds all workers in the capital, or employed in the Ukrainian education system.

These people may bring or send to Ukraine 10.5 billion euros annually. Another 1.2 billion falls for seasonal workers, mostly involved into agriculture.

Even the most careful calculations show that migrant workers are one of the main sources that compensate for the negative balance of foreign trade, bringing capital into offshore and slowing growth of foreign investment.


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