With the onset of spring, the Carpathians become more attractive for illegal immigrants

As previously reported, the border guards of the "Knyahynya" department in Velyky Berezny district recently detained two Georgian citizens who were intending to enter the EU illegally. Yesterday, officers of the "Stuzhytsya" department "took the baton" from their colleagues

 Four unidentified persons, who were heading towards the Ukrainian-Slovak border, were detained at the distance of about one kilometer from the border. Arab looking "travelers" told border guards that they had no documents and had come from Algeria. Also, the men said that they intended to get to one of the countries of Western Europe, for that each of them paid unknown persons $ 3,000.

In the course of checks and establishing the circumstances of the offense, the border guards found out that one of the "tourists" had already been detained in 2011 for trying to illegally cross the border at the site of the Chop detachment.

Currently, the offenders are waiting for the court decision.

Source – Press office of Chop border guard detachment

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