With the death of Ivan Marushka, an entire era of Transcarpathia television is gone – opinion

Ivan Petrovich Marushka, the former director of the Transcarpathian regional television, has died today. 

 With the death of Ivan Marushka, an entire era of the regional television is gone, the era which is remembered by the sincere stories of our people, kindness, artistic content, simple warm joy about the sun, vineyards, mountains… and the love for talented Transcarpathian people, – Oleksandr Hereshko reported the sad news on Facebook.

Ivan Marushka had two degrees – actor and director. He was fond of theatrical and art programs. He also made his own television productions. He trained many talented students.  
He loved his family, raised a son and a daughter. He adored his wife. He would always find special words for his colleagues. He had a funny hobby – repairing old watches. He loved Transcarpathian nature. In short, he was happy in everything. Both in work and in personal life.

In 2017, he presented a book of memories. Currently, it is the only printed publication on the history of Transcarpathian regional television.

Our thoughts are with family and friends.


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