With a pitchfork against policemen (VIDEO)

A policeman was wounded in the village of Rakoshyno in Mukachevo district of Transcarpathian region. He tried to settle a conflict situation in a cafe. The victim together with colleagues arrived at the scene, where several drunken visitors were behaving aggressively and breaking the furniture in a cafe. Then they started a fight with the policemen. One of them threatened the law enforcement officer with a pitchfork. The policeman tried to handcuff one of the attackers. But he grabbed a metal chair and beat the law enforcement officer. This was reported to the Hromadske by the spokeswoman of the Patrol Police Office in Transcarpathian region Maria Turyanytsia.

"Three young men were detained in the village of Rakoshyno in Mukachevo district. One was detained in accordance with Article 208 of the CPC of Ukraine. This is the young man who threatened the patrol policemen with a pitchfork. Another young man was detained for inflicting a patrol policeman bodily injuries. Right now, the officer is being treated in the hospital. The preliminary diagnosis is bruises on the left leg and foot," – Turyanytsia said. The detainees are now in the Mukachevo police station. They are charged with "hooliganism", and "assault on a police officer".


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