Wire eggs are still little known in Transcarpathia

In the middle of the 20th century, when Transcarpathia was a part of Czechoslovakia, there was the profession of wirer. These people offered an original service – enlacing ceramic vessels with a wire. It made a product’s life longer. 

The wirers also knew how to enlace Easter eggs with wire. The egg looks very nice, because wire creates an original and unique kind of weave. It is believed that the homeland of this tradition is Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. This technique is still little known in Transcarpathia.

The researcher, restorer of Easter eggs, teacher of the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts, Roman Pylyp told us that Easter eggs braided with wire can be seen only at exhibitions. This technique of decoration is widespread nowadays in eastern Slovakia.       

Meanwhile, the researcher says that Transcarpathia also has original tradition. For example, beaded Easter eggs were invented by nuns in Irshava district. Nowadays, besides the traditional wax Easter eggs, the Transcarpathian Easter egg makers create original techniques – burn patterns on wood, drill on eggshell, pierce eggs with ribbons, etc. "The important thing is that Easter egg lives on," – Roman Pylyp says.

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