Winter, out! In spite of frosts, early spring plants have blossomed in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

Despite a significant drop in temperature to -7° C during the day and -12° at night, the saffron began to bloom in Uzhgorod, the correspondent of the UNN reported.

The saffron, or crocus, blossomed on the sunny meadows in the yards of Uzhgorod residents. The mass blooming of this flower usually begins in Transcarpathia in the second half of March. However, due to the prolonged warm period, the flowers appeared earlier in urban conditions.

It should be noted that the first wave of early flowers in Uzhgorod passed several weeks ago. Now, new flower lawns with snowdrops, primroses and other early spring flowers are appearing near the multi-storey buildings of the oblast center of Transcarpathia.

  In addition, first inflorescences have formed on the decorative fruit trees.


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