Winners named of the Petro Skunts Prize will be determined in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

Petro Skunts Prize in the field of literature and local lore founded by the Uzhgorod City Council will be awarded for the second time on the Day of Uzhgorod.

The Prize is awarded to writers and local historians whose works popularize Uzhgorod city, its history, present and prominent Uzhgorod residents.

It is awarded for highly artistic works published over the last three years, that have become a notable phenomenon in literature or local history.

Books, works, publications, nominated by other prizes or reprints are not nominated for the prize.

The Prize is awarded usually to writers and local historians who were born, live or have been working for a long time in Uzhgorod and in the region.

Candidates for the award are nominated by creative unions, organizations, associations, educational institutions, publishing houses, editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, the Department for Culture, Sports, Youth and Family of Uzhgorod City Council. Self-nomination is not allowed.

The Prize is personal and is awarded only once. It may be awarded posthumously.

Petro Skunts Prize is awardeded in three categories:

– Fiction;

– Local lore literature;

– Album publication.

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