Wine currents in Uzhgorod

Today, April 29, in Uzhgorod the official opening of wine festival ‘Sun Drink’ took place. As has already reported, it is the second day of the Wine Festival. However, the number of entrepreneurs and winemakers today has increased, as well as guests of the holiday and tourists. During lunch time the wine cellars “Sovinoe Gnezdo” ("Owl’s Nest"), where the main part of the festival is actually taking place, namely tasting and selling wine, was overcrowded.

Entrance to the wine cellars, despite all the previous intentions of organizers, is free. The visitors are not very active about instilling the culture of sun drink consumption. Thus, Ms Anna, selling glasses for tasting wine at the entrance, said that tourists do not hurry to buy them: "Mostly wine glasses made of thin glass, that cost 10 UAH, are popular. Above forty of them have been sold. No more remained… People don’t want to buy expensive ones”, said the woman.

A winemaker Ondrosh Varga from the village of Bene in Beregovo district takes part in "Sun Drink" for the first time. He says that he is very pleased with the results of two days of the festival. "Today there are much more people than yesterday, because Saturday was a working day. The wine is well sold. Last year’s harvest of grapes was very good, so the wine is wonderful this year. Dry, semi-sweet or dessert? I cannot yet highlight – all kinds of equally bought. Our price for 1 liter of from 50 to 70 hryvnia".

Wine Festival is continuing. It will continue to the second of May. Experts predict that the number of visitors will not decrease, because in May Uzhgorod always has a lot of tourists. The details of the second "sunny" day are Photos.


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