Will they come back? The foreigners expelled from UzhNU can re-apply

This was reported by the Uzhgorod National University with reference to the Mukachevo.net.

Three students were expelled from UzhNU for violating the charter, rules of good conduct and integrity of the university. However, they are not forbidden by law to re-apply to the university. That is, there was no court trial that would deprive them of this right, the UzhNU informed.

Immediately after the expulsion, the university informed the office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region about it for the purpose of depriving the former students of residence permits in Ukraine. The embassy of Jordan in Ukraine was also informed about this incident and the decision.

UzhNU added that the management of the educational institution would continue to respond appropriately to such unfortunate incidents and thanked to citizens and the police officers who were acting strictly within the law.

Recall that three students of the dentistry and medical faculties, who were involved in a scandalous incident, were expelled from the university. 

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