Will the former “Molocharnya” have an alternative? (PHOTOS)

The older generation of Uzhgorod residents remember the fast-food house "Molocharnya", which was located on one of the main streets of the city back in the days of the USSR (Voloshin st, 2). Until recently, Uzhgorod residents would remember delicious and affordable pancakes, dumplings, cakes, milk soups and other dishes, that used to be offered in the "Molocharnya", with sadness, but with hope for a re-opening of the facility . But local authorities destroyed everything, they say, this outlet did not bring them profit. The building was closed and has been empty for a long time.

On the 30th of April last year, the reconstruction of the former "Molocharnya" began. Residents were outraged, as in Uzhgorod it is now "trendy" to build up and restore, and even demolish the old historical buildings of the city without the knowledge of citizens.  No one knew what they would build on the site of the former "Molocharnya", which was being actively demolished.

Recently, we finally had a chance to see the official document stating that the building is being expanded for Uzhgorod trade offices and public catering facility.

Are they building an alternative for the former facility in the regional center or is it the profit that is the primary goal of the owner?  We will know this only in 2015. The reconstruction is planned to be officially completed on April 30, 2015.


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