Will the castle in the village Dovhe be released from the tubercular hospital?

The tubercular dispensary in the Irshavskyy district can finally move out from the castle in the village Dovhe, reported Uzhgorod.net.ua. The Head of  Irshava District State Administration Victor Feyer informed about this at the press conference today, April 10.
He stated that there is a great expectation from the TB dispensary which is built in Nyzhniya Apsha in the Tyachiv district. They will be able to transfer patients here from Irshavskyy district.
Instead, they have found the investor who wants to reconstruct the castle-mansion in Dovhe.
As Victor Feyer informed, this is the owner of the sanatorium ‘Teplutsya’ Oleg Uvarov. He expressed a wish to restore not only the castle but the Irshava narrow gauge railway as well.

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