Will Nevytsky castle be locked up!

"This year, we will not carry out archaeological excavations in the castle" – the historian Oleksandr Dzembas, who over the past 12 years has been managing scientific expeditions to the Nevytsky, informed. Thanks to his inspired work together with volunteers from nearly 30 countries, large areas of the fortification facilities have been cleared, many artifacts have been found, and most importantly, ​​many discoveries, which nobody had suspected before, have been made.     And all that, as they say, only with enthusiasm.

"If you calculate, we have performed works at 3 million hryvnias at least – the archaeologist said – we did not ask a single penny for it… We even reported… But before starting excavation works, we had to draw up the relevant documentation at our own expense… And what have we received in return?"

Now the stronghold near the village of Kamyanytsya, is albeit in a relatively good, but emergency state. For example, the roof over the main dungeon, set during the Czechoslovak period, according to the researcher, will last no more than 12 months…

"There will never be enough money to restore such buildings… But we can not just disregard their values either​​… We need to restore them… We have put so many efforts to save it – and it turns out that we are the only ones who care."  

Currently, the expert has been approached by those who got used to travel every summer to Transcarpathia from hundreds and thousands miles away, only to live near those walls, to work in the heat and rain on the former ramparts, moats, in the courts of the once strong fortress… Mr. Dzembas plans to organize a camp for them in June-August, but WITHOUT EXCAVATIONS…    

 Who knows, maybe the decision will be changed if they find financing, but this is up to officails in charge of historical sights… They must realize that the only castle in Transcarpathia, where archaeological researches have taken place, and which may qualify for listing in the UNESCO heritage list, is declining.  

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