Why does Uzhgorod need advertising, for which they owe nearly half a million? (OPINION)

Outstanding payment for outdoor advertising in Uzhgorod has reached almost half a million hryvnias!

"According to the draft decision, which shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of Uzhgorod City Council "On the implementation of measures aimed at the fulfillment of the city’s budget for the first 9 months of 2013," in particular its annex "Information on the implementation of measures to ensure the fulfillment of revenue part of Uzhgorod city budget in January-September 2013" (para. 4.3), the Department of Municipal Economy has sent 27 claims for repayment of debt for outdoor advertising in the amount of 439,400 UAH." – lawyer Yaroslav Kozich wrote in his facebook.

"Surprisingly, despite the fact that the said debt arose in the first have of the last year, the Department of Municipal Economy only sends letters (claims) without appeals to the court on this issue," – he said. "According to official information provided, the average revenue to the city budget for outdoor advertising is 103,400 UAH (the amount of monthly payment is subject to adjustment for inflation). 

Why there is such a situation with payments for advertising in Uzhgorod, why most advertisements have no markings as required by the city council decisions, the permit number, period of validity, and why it happens is anyone’s guess…" – Yaroslav Kozich says.


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