Why do they conduct the election of the rector of UzhNU as a blitzkrieg?

The appointment of the date of the election of UzhNU rector was made in express mode. Only today, November 21, it was announced on the official website of the university, and the vote will take place as soon as tomorrow. Why the rush, if the period for submitting applications to the Ministry of Education ended only recently? 

Although, obviously, for the acting rector Fedir Vashchuk the date was not a surprise. While for his only rival – Volodymyr Smolanka – most likely it was. 

Interestingly, the announcement of the election date came on the same day when education minister Dmytro Tabachnik, who is very fond of Vashchuk, resigned. Maybe it has something to do with this rush? Because Tabachnik’s successor might not be so enthusiastic about Fedir Vashchuk and might not consider him as the only possible head of the university. And then all of a longstanding effort may be in vain.

The voting will take place tomorrow in "Juventus" at 12 o’clock. And now the most important thing is that it were fair. According to the statute of UzhNU, the voting must be secret. Which on the one hand is good, because there is a guarantee that no one will change their own opinion, fearing the wrath of the future boss. But on the other hand it makes fraud possible.   

For now rumors have it that there are "messengers" plying between teachers and "fixing agreements" to vote for Vashchuk and about possible fraud, such as using special pens. Yet, given how the students who lived in dorms voted at the parliamentary elections, one can expect just about anything.

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