Why are the city authorities afraid of asphalt?

Just yesterday, Uzhgorod cyclists were happy because of the signs of bicycling paths in Uzhgorod. However, a few hours later, the group Save Uzhhorod expressed their criticism about this issue.

"The incompetence is obvious – they started the construction of bicycle paths on Petofi Square with stone tiles instead of asphalt.

Why should bicycle paths be paved with asphalt, and not cobblestone? Here is the quote from the "Guidelines for the Construction of Bicycle Infrastructure" (version of 2010), prepared by the German Research and Development Association for Roads and Transport:

"…There are the following basic requirements for bicycle path pavement:

– hard even coating with the least possible friction resistance;

– high roughness of the surface, including during wet weather;

– all-weather capability (good drainage properties to prevent the formation of puddles and splashes, accumulation of dust, easy snow removing).

In addition, important aspects of integration with the urban environment (type of buildings, appearance of materials, delineation from other road surfaces), as well as cost-effectiveness (maintenance costs, repair costs after underground work).

The above basic requirements are best met when using asphalt. Integration with the urban environment can be improved by coloring the asphalt mixtures and laying cobblestones on both sides of the path." 

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