Who will protect social protection? (Photofact)

Today, there is virtually no person in Transcarpathia, who would have not appealed for help to institutions of social protection. Crowds of people, who want to receive subsidy, payment, or benefit, have become daily reality of our lives.

The office of social protection of Uzhgorod district state administration, which is located in Uzhgorod at Stantsiyna st., 56, is no exception.

Recently, I happened to visit this institution, and what I saw on the way to the office and in front of its building was just shocking. In the photos attached below, you can see what people have to ocercome to receive social assistance.

Every day, hundreds of people in need of protection take this road, all pits and potholes filled with dirty water, to get to the office of social protection. Now it’s a busy time at the office: cold days are coming, and people rushed to apply for subsidies. In addition, many mothers, pensioners, beneficiaries of various types appeal for their rightful benefits. The employees say that sometimes they have to receive 300-400 people a day.

But visitors come here from time to time – one-two-three times a year, and the office employees have to overcome obstacles in the form of mini-floods daily. Every woman working here has a mandatory wardrobe attribute – rubber boots. 

An employee of one of the businesses, that are located in the same building, said that the street has been in this state for many years. The man believes that the reason for this is ridiculously simple: Uzhgorod city and Uzhgorod district leaderships cannot decide which one should repair the road and the area around the office. The street is located within the city, but the organization is for the district, so they cannot decide who should take care of it.

It is nice to see Uzhgorod central and other streets being fixed up. But on Stantsiyna street, it is as if time has stopped. And, it is sad that those, who help people to survive in these difficult times, themselves are helpless due to neglect and bureaucratic confusion. 


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