Who was late to Savings Bank …

People who had deposits in the USSR Savings Bank, did not rejoice long: as soon as they went through seven circles of bureaucratic hell to update their data and to register for a card with a thousand hryvnias on the account, the giving out of the money from inflated deposits stopped.

Over the last week the "Zamok" has received several calls from Transcarpathians who came to office of Savings Bank in specified time, however, instead of thousand hryvnias, they received a plastic card without a penny on the account.

Employees of the bank openly explained that the money for the payment were not provided in the budget for 2013, so no one could say exactly how long people have to wait for compensation. The people are outraged: why do they call them, mostly elderly people, to come in person to the office and do not warn that they will not give a penny? They do not understand why they had to start the complex procedure of data updating in September last year, if the government knew they could not pay to even half of the depositors.

In the Internet, all of these questions have one answer – election. No wonder the launching of the program for payments of the so-called "Vitya’s thousand" strangely coincided with the beginning of the campaign. And after the election the program was active just over a month, and then indefinitely wound up.

The Savings Bank won’t comment on the situation with the termination of payments.   Unofficially the employees of the institution say that data updating continues, so the USSR Savings Bank depositors lists are growing. But when all the registered citizens will receive the money is unknown, because the Cabinet has not yet adopted the relevant resolution.

As for the "empty" cards, in the Savings Bank they said that it can be used as payment card, that is you can put the money on it and pay for individual services. It is valid for 3 years. During this time, the government hopefully will fund the next program of compensation. And it would be good if it is done not only because of election.

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