Who got the prize of Josyp Bokshay and Adalbert Erdeli?

The names of this year’s winners of Josyp Bokshay and Adalbert Erdelyi regional awards in the field of fine and decorative arts are already known.

In the category of painting:

The best traditional realistic work – Ivan Shutyev for ‘The Legend of the Carpathians ";

For the best innovative work – Volodymyr Pavlyshyn ("Christmas in Lykytsary");

In the genre of applied graphics – Svetlana Kurtan (diptych illustrations for "En" to works of Xenia En);

In the genre of easel graphics – Ivan Didyk (for a series of graphic works "Christmas mood", "Lace of sounds", "Magic of Fire");

In the genre of sculpture – Vasyl Olashyn for work "Muse";

In the genre of monumental art – Vasyl Biley (for a plaque "To the Founders of Transcarpathian painting school of A.Erdeli and Y.Bokshay");

In the genre of arts and crafts – Yaroslav Boretsky (for decorative series "Composition 1, Composition 2");                                                                                    

In the genre of "Art criticism" – Ivan Nebesnyk, Mikhaylo Syrokhman and Pavlo Balla for study-of-art scientific literary and artistic publication "IMEN" about the life and work of Adalbert Erdeli.

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