Who are true honorary citizens of Uzhhorod? There is a proposal!

Galina Yartseva and Alyona Kaminska – the Acting Mayor Victor Shchadey nominated them for the title of the "Honorary Citizen of Uzhgorod".

The head of the city explained his decision to honor Uzhgorod residents who selflessly work for the benefit of the community: 

 "Galina Yartseva is known journalist who has initiated the volunteer movement for the support of our countrymen in the ATO area. Thanks to Galina, thousands Transcarpathians have opportunity to help soldiers and thousands of our soliders have received aid. Such people make a community, unite us as a whole, inspire people to go on and never give up.

 Alyona Kaminska – a choreographer, the head of the modern dance studio "Blitz" – has been working with youth for all her life. Thanks to her, hundreds of Uzhgorod children are able to grow and become better. This is a real Teacher, who dedicated her life to Uzhgorod children. Every day, she works with young people and gives us hope for our next generation.

 I believe that in our city there are dozens of people who deserve to be called Honorary Citizens of Uzhgorod. This year I decided to nominate these two Uzhgorod residents. I am proud that I live next to such wonderful persons. I appeal to all residents of the city to support my proposal. Their example inspires us all to do good and be patriots of our city and our country."

 The title of the "Honorary Citizen of Uzhgorod" is awarded by the City Council annually in autumn, on the eve of the Day of the City. 

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